Viltier has set itself a challenge : To be present at the source of every step of the value chain

Fairmined gold

From the gold it buys directly from Colombia, to the follow-up with the different production steps including casting and melting passing by the sourcing of conflict-free diamonds, Viltier is proud to be present at every step of the way for an unprecedented tracability and quality control.

Viltier also ensure to be working exclusively with Fairmined gold. A label that certifies the provenance of gold from responsible small-scale mines with a low impact on the environment and positive socio-economical benefits.



Conflict-free diamonds

Viltier uses exclusively diamonds that are regulated by the Kimberley process. An initiative triggered in the 2000’s,ย  ensuring that diamonds regulated by the act are coming from legitimate sources and are not involve in the financing of armed conflicts.



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