The diamond guide

Diamonds are without a doubt the most famous precious stone. Admired, desired and worn since thousands of years, this magnetic stone possess several attributes that will determine its value and beauty.

Viltier's 4C

Every diamond possess a set of unique characteristics that experts will use to assess the quality of a stone. The GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) distinguish 4 important criteria: Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat

Viltier only select the diamonds of the best quality for each criteria and, beyond the 4C, our experts strive to select stones with a strong character and that convey emotions, because this what this is all about.

The Cut

The cut is the only criteria that is influenced by the hand of men. Even if it’s origin is non-natural it is probably one of the most important criteria. If the cut is precisely done, the rough stone will reveals its brillance and beauty.

The most common cut is the brillant cut with 58 facets. However, Viltier also uses fancy cut diamonds: Pear, assher, emerald… In order to amplify the beauty of its creation, Viltier only uses diamonds qualified of Very Good and Excellent cut according to the GIA.

The Color

The color of a diamond designates its natural tint, that can range from very white, or colorless, to some more saturated tints. According to the Gemmological criterias the colors are graded from D (colorless) to Z (the most tinted). From the letter K the diamond will be qualified as colored.

The rarest and most coveted color is the whiter or D because it enhance the beauty and sparkle of the stone. In order to offer the most somptuous creations, Viltier only selects diamonds that are dazzling and colorless, between D and G.

The Clarity

This criteria designates the purity of the diamond. Whether the stone will show some natural inclusions or defaults. These inclusions are very small markings inside the diamond realized during its conception millions of years ago under extreme condition of pressure and heat.

Once again, the diamond is graded on a scale ranging from FL (very rare: not a single marking) to I (numerous inclusions visible to the naked eye).

Viltier diamonds are amongst the purest in the world and are selected so there is no visible inclusions to the eye, between FL (Flawless) to VS (Very Slightly included).

The Carat

The carat defines the weight of the diamond, 1 carat equals 0,2 grams.

The weight of a diamond combined to the 3 remaining C’s determines the value and quality of a stone. A diamond weighing several carats but with poor qualities of cut, color and clarity will have far less value than a smaller stone well graded in these criterias.

Consequently, the weigh in carats cannot determine the final value or quality of a stone but it is rather its combination with the 3 other qualities that will make a diamond exceptional.


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